5 reasons why you should use art for team building

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Often we are too busy in our workplace to really get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Teams may be separate due to their work duties, and rarely do you have time to chit-chat with management or people far away from your desk. Employees can feel distant from their managers, and without a pleasant, cohesive working environment, morale can soon dip low. Not to worry, though, this is where team building days can save the day!

Working together as a team- as equal colleagues- breaks barriers and can set the foundation for a trusting relationship. The better people know each other, the better they can deal with problems, and the likelier they are to support each other during tough times.

But why should you use art in your team building event? Here’s our top 5 reasons…

1. Fun

You will have oodles of fun- Guaranteed! ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, as they say. When we laugh, we release hormones that make us relax, reducing stress. Art is a fun, creative activity that can be enjoyed through fun team challenges, such as Musical Artists, where the team members have to swap canvases and continue from where the previous person finished.

2. Communication

As you are working with your team, you will develop communication skills when collaborating on a design. Discussing and deciding on colours, techniques and overall design  – a perfect time to hone those communication skills without thinking about it.

3. Negotiation

Ah, with a group of people working together on a shared canvas, negotiation skills are of utmost importance. Not only will you sharpen the skills during the session, but these will also be useful at work when talking and negotiation with a range of colleagues.

4. Strategy development

As a team you need to plan what you want to create: What will you paint? How will you paint it? Will it be a collective piece on one large canvas, or four different smaller canvases put together? Any specific colours you want to use or will everyone go freestyle?

You will need to develop a strategy to reach your goal, which is exactly what is needed in a workplace too. Strategic thinking and planning enables people to contribute effectively at work.

5. Friendly competition

By throwing in an element of competition, many people will be more motivated to work and try harder. Why not choose a winner of the best painting? Perhaps the competition is for the company’s Christmas card design? Winning as a team is always fun, so why not choose a team design!

Now that you know how beneficial art is for team building, get your crew together and channel your inner Picasso with strokes full of fun!

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