Don’t be afraid to go BIG!

Posted by Karen Beynon on

When it comes to art we like it BIG! Big art = big impact

Many of us tend to choose art that is too small for the wall. So rooms end up appearing a bit empty and art appears “swallowed up” in the space.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, its hard to visualise how big an artwork that sits on a crowded shop or gallery wall will look on your wall.

Most people are surprised at how large an artwork they can actually fit on their walls.

Even if you have a small room, placing the right larger artwork in the space can actually make it appear bigger. Look for artwork that will visually extend the space, such as light colours, abstracts and landscapes that viewers “look into” beyond the room instead of stopped their view at the wall.

And if you have the luxury of a large room, then maximise this by hanging large artwork on the walls. Not all walls need to be covered, in fact its best to leave some “white space” in a larger room. You’re better off choosing one large artwork than three or four smaller ones on each wall.

Here’s a few guidelines to help you choose the right sized art…

  • Art should cover about two thirds of the wall
  • Be at least three quarters of the width of any furniture it hangs directly above
  • Hang about 20-30cm above the furniture
  • Position the centre of the art at eye level

Rules are made to be broken! Art can also look great off centre, overlapping decor and just leaning on the wall.

And of course there are also exceptions to the rules as well. For example a gallery wall of smaller artworks can all combine to create the the same look of one larger piece.

The most important rule when it comes to choosing the right size for your artwork is that you love the way it looks in your room.

The best way to get an idea of the right sized artwork for you is to blu-tac newspaper/butcher paper to the wall at the size you want and see what you think.

Or feel free to ask us for a free art preview in your space. Just send us a photo of the room and we’ll super-impose the art into it for you!


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