Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the artwork prices so cheap?

A large percentage of the cost of original artwork is in the artist commission costs, advertising, the gallery overhead and margin. We work from a home studio and sell our artwork online, so do not have to pass on these costs to you.

Another significant cost of original artworks is the time it takes an artist to come up with a concept, trail techniques and develop the final artwork.

You are buying an original artwork that has been replicated, so it excludes a lot of these developmental costs.


What if my artwork is delivered damaged?

We will provide a full refund. The procedure is that a photograph be sent to us, within 24 hours of our receipt, we will make arrangements to return the artwork and offer a full refund on reciept.


Can we visit a store or gallery?

Sorry, we have no physical gallery or stores. Our website gallery is available online 24/7 for your convenience.

Or you are welcome to arrange an appointment with us to check out our art and framing finishes that we have in stock at our studio in Murrumbeena VIC.


How long would you take to create an artwork that I want?

We can have the printed artwork you have ordered framed and at your door in 2-3 weeks. Delivery times do vary but we work hard to ensure you are not waiting too long to cover that blank wall. If you have a specific circumstance where you need the artwork by a certain date, contact us and we'll try and accommodate for that.


If I want to have a customised design can you paint it?

Yes, creating custom art is something we really enjoy doing with customers. Read more about our commissions here >>


How is my artwork packaged?

For stretched and framed artworks, we carefully package your artwork in a with bubblewrap and box that will ensure your artwork arrives clean and undamaged. We deliver all unstretched prints using a heavy postal tube which will keep your print safe from damage and ready for you to frame or gift to someone as is.

We do offer refunds any artworks that have been damaged in delivery, see FAQ on this for process.